The Healthy Microwave Omelet Recipe You Can Make In 5 Minutes

You’ll have time to make this breakfast even if you hit the snooze button three times.

Omelets seem like a lot of work, don't they? There's all the vegetable chopping, egg scrambling, and pan heating-and, come on, who has time for all that in the morning before work?

Even if you're the kind of morning person who gets up to work out as the sun comes up at dawn, you're probably simply blending up a freezer smoothie at best.

But with this genius recipe you can have a real sit-down-fork-and-knife kind of breakfast any day of the week, no matter how many times you hit the snooze button. This recipe for an egg white omelet in a mug from Jared, a physical therapist and blogger at Tone and Tighten, seems too good to be true.

But nope, you can have a real breakfast ready in just 5 minutes. Better yet, if you're already meal prepping, just dice up extra veggies, so they'll be ready to go in the morning.

All you need to do is throw your ingredients of choice into a mug (spray it with cooking spray or oil mist first) along with some beaten egg whites (or whole eggs if that's your thing). Then zap it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

The result is a balanced breakfast filled with protein and fiber that'll keep you full and ready to hit the ground running when you start your day.