This Reveals What Kind of a Woman You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology never fails to fascinate many and women especially will always want to get those horoscope alerts on their phone or read the latest astrological forecast in the daily newspaper.

Astrology is centuries old and how true or false is it is a matter of string debate because you cannot deny that some of it makes sense too. This is a woman-oriented article explaining what type of woman and what female personality you are depending on your zodiac sign, so have fun reading it.

1. Aries: The Controlling Queen

Control and power are the attributes of an Aries woman. They always have to be the leaders of the pack and the ones to make the rules. No doubt about it, that an Aries woman is completely aware of the power she possesses but will use it with care and utmost discretion.

Before doing anything, she always considers the possible outcome and consequences of her actions. The power of this controlling queen is such that whenever she shines the rest of the world can only watch her in awe!

2. Taurus: The Strong One

Taurean women are known to be strong-willed and of a strong character, in addition to being headstrong and highly driven. They won’t hesitate or think twice when it comes to standing up for themselves as well as their loved ones.

But, behind this extremely tough personality lies a heart of gold. These women tend to be very caring and loving and are always ready to extend a helping hand to anyone in need. The world comes to stop when a Taurus woman fights but admires the time when she loves.

3. Gemini: The Creative Thinker

The bubbly and creative personality of Gemini women is what enables her to think outside of the box and see thing from a whole different perspective. Being a very capable woman who allows her imagination to literally take her anywhere, she can easily turn her ideas into a reality.

Although she prefers not being dominating, this is mainly because she uses her strengths carefully and not simply because she is weak. The world can only be in shock whenever this woman speaks her mind.

4. Cancer: The Walking Enigma

Cancerian women are considered to be a walking enigma because not everyone can understand her well. While having a really caring and generous nature, she can also be fierce and passionate. Considering how quickly her mood can change she can be called a magic mess.

These women are extremely loyal to their lovers or their friends because nothing is more important than loyalty for them. With that being said, you will definitely suffer the wrath of Cancerian woman if you ever choose to betray her.

5. Leo: The Visionary Leader

If there ever was a title for the world’s greatest visionaries and leaders, it would have to be Leo, or specifically Leo women. These women stop at nothing when they have a goal to reach and they have a furiously high drive which drives them towards it.

In terms of performance, they are simply outstanding and are more than willing to take anyone along with them while climbing the ladder of success. Even if they were to fail they do so in a graceful and dignified manner. Everyone admires the fact that Leo women are the perfect mix of virtue and humbleness which is quite a rare quality in people.

6. Virgo: The Virtuous Woman

Virgo women happen to be the most virtuous since they will always choose and do what is right even if they were to be presented with an easier option. Having a Virgo woman in your life is a real blessing as they souls are truly angelic.

Given their kind, helpful, and loving nature, they always manage to stay strong and pull themselves together even if they are hurt. They will always stand up for the right thing and have the courage to fight for it too. Their hearts are pure gold and when it bleeds, it does so when they lose the people they love.

7. Libra: The Sophisticated Lady

In addition to having an exceptional intellect and understanding, Libran women also have a wicked sense of humor which makes them smart, witty, and sophisticated.

They rarely display their emotions in public, choosing to approach life with balance and dignity. With having a clear self-awareness and being completely in tune with who they are, they know exactly what they want to in life and how to achieve it. Their confidence is one of their most profound qualities which separate them from other women.

8. Scorpio: The Mysterious And Kinky

Scorpio women are known to have a dangerous sting in their personality. As it turns out, this is what makes her sharp, alert, and clear about who she is and what is it that she wants.

Her brutally honest nature might seem to offend people from time to time, but she doesn’t care if they get hurt by words. Being a passionate lover and straightforward speaker, she would much prefer getting hurt with the ugly truth than falling for beautiful lies. It is a fact that not everyone can handle a Scorpion woman’s intense personality, and she is only reserved for a special someone who is ready for her.

9. Sagittarius: The Emotional Wizard

Believe it or not it is quite easy for Sagittarian women to be aware of their emotions as well as the emotions of others because they happen to be extremely sensitive beings.

To understand others better they always put themselves in their shoes to experience their thoughts and feelings for themselves which literally makes them empaths.

However, they are very closed and guarded when it comes to expressing their feelings, and only reveal their true nature to a select few people. Consider yourself special if a Sagittarian woman lets you into her world.

10. Capricorn: The Independent One

Independence, thoughtfulness, and total self-awareness are what define the character of Capricorn women. They are clear about what they want in life and aren’t delusional of who they are because they have a perfected sense of self and understand their strengths and weaknesses perfectly. Others often find the vivid beauty of a Capricorn woman to be inspirational as they don’t exactly know their souls well enough like these women do. The words spoken by a Capricorn woman come straight from her soul.

11. Aquarius- The Restless Dreamer

Aquarian women are incredibly ambitious and have a restless urge to achieve these ambitions, which makes them somewhat of both a dreamer and a fighter. It is truly majestic to watch this woman fight to make something a reality with her ruthlessly driven nature. If any woman could move and shape the world it would most likely be an Aquarian woman.

12. Pisces: The Generous Lover

The foundation of the true nature of a Pisces woman is built solely on love. She is the pure example of generosity, love, and honesty. These women always try to hide their emotions since they are highly emotional and very sensitive.

They may have tears rolling down their cheeks, but will still fight their battles in silence, and would rather die than show any signs of being hurt. Despite this, they will always be the first ones to help people in pain by showing them love. As such Piscean women are like the healers this world needs.

Andrew Alpin