Eye makeup and contact lenses

1. If you use lenses, then try to choose high-quality models. They will preserve the health of your eyes for years to come.

2. Lenses should be applied to the cornea before makeup. Of course, before applying lenses, you need to wash your hands.

3. Avoid using powder shadows. If there is a need to use dry shadows, then apply them with your eyes closed. Open your eyes only when you shake off excess eye shadow.

4. The most suitable cosmetics for eye makeup are liquid or creamy eye shadow and eyeliner. There is also a special makeup for the eyes, which was created specifically for contact lens users.

5. Do not use a pencil on the inner eyelid. With tear fluid, traces of fat can enter the eye and cause irritation.

6. Protect your eyes when applying hair styling products. Hair fixing polish contains proteins that, upon reaching the surface of the lens, decompose and can become a source of infection.

7. If you, despite all the precautions, applied particles of makeup to the lens, the only thing left is to remove it from the eye and rinse it with the recommended care product.

8. Before removing makeup, clean contact lenses with clean hands.

In no case do not use other people's cosmetics and do not let others use yours, no matter how generous you are. Also, keep your makeup tools clean.

To apply the cream, use a spatula to once again not put microbes into the cream with your fingers. Keep your makeup fresh. It is advisable to replace makeup products every three months.