The Hublot Big Bang One Click watch, recently launched in Monaco, was created in collaboration with renowned artist Marc Ferrero. The new model was invented primarily for women. Wife, mother, business woman, style icon, fatal seductress - whoever she is (even if all listed at the same time), Big Bang One Click emphasizes her personality.

“When I am asked ‘What innovative and modern idea develops your painting?’ Without hesitation, I answer fusion... Using different graphic styles (cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurative, etc.) on the same plane or over my works—just like a film director uses special effects to tell a story—will always represent an extremely exciting challenge for me.”
Marc Ferrero
Big Bang One Click emphasizes her personality.
Hublot and Marc Ferrero cultivate the art of exploration in their respective fields, with fusion as the guiding principle. For the watchmaking house, it is the unexpected blend of rare and innovative materials and for the artist and friend of the brand, it is the combination of different graphic styles on the same plane. It was therefore natural for their innovative spirits to find a shared expression, with watchmaking as a vehicle for art. A story of timeless adventures is embodied by the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero timepiece. A flagship announcement linking to the “Hublot loves Art” series. The watch can be viewed at the Baselworld trade fair