Leggings: beautiful, comfortable and practical

Today, leggings have become very popular. This piece of clothing resembles tight-fitting trousers that do not have fasteners or pantyhose with their feet closed.

BeautifulMe recommends - it is necessary to be able to combine this actual thing in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Choose for yourself which style you like the best.

Sports leggings are great for yoga, walking or fitness. They are sewn from soft knitwear, so you will not only be comfortable in such clothes, but also free. A body shirt, sweater, or sports jacket will be a good addition.

Evening leggings must be worn with a light evening dress, which is sewn from natural fabric and sandals with a small heel.

Alternatively, you can wear them with tunics, slippers or ballet shoes. This option is more suitable for a country lunch or a friendly get-together in the park.

Capri leggings can be worn with a miniskirt or a simple long sweater. As a rule, they are often released with different cheerful colors.

The length reaches 10-12 cm below the knee. This option can visually lengthen the legs and make them very slim, but only if they are dark in color with a fine pattern.

Classic leggings made of thick knitwear without different details can be easily combined with any top, but office blouses are an exception.