After Living for 9 Years in India, This Russian Girl Finds It Difficult to Adjust Within Local Culture, This Is What Surprises Her

India is known for its diverse cultures and traditions which are followed by people from different backgrounds and castes. This can also be called the beauty of India that people who have different set of beliefs live with peace and harmony. It is not easy for even an Indian to adjust with the cultures of different parts of India so how can it be easy for a foreigner to understand and adjust with it.

Today, we will tell you about a Russian female blogger, Anna Tihaya who was born and brought up in Moscow but for the last 9 years she is living in Puducherry which is in the southern part of India and we will also talk about what traditions surprise her till date. She shares her experiences on a blog, Indian Wife and here is a list of some facts that she has talked about.

Indians like to eat freshly cooked food only

Anna found it quite strange that Indians especially the women store vegetables and other raw items in the refrigerator but they don’t like to store cooked food for getting it consumed the next day. Indian women like to cook one meal at a time because they believe that eating freshly cooked food is good for health and consuming stale food can cause sickness.

Muslim women wear colorful clothing

Usually, the Muslim women are seen in black burqas in most parts of the world but in India they can be seen wearing colorful burqas which surprised Anna to a great extent. In fact, she was more surprised when she found out that these burqas come in different designs also along with different colors.

Fathers take active part in raising kids

Fathers are pretty active in taking care of their kids and they can be seen taking their kids to parks, cafes and restaurants. They don’t mind taking their kids out even on the workdays despite the fact that they are tired after working the whole day in office. This participation of Indian dads in the upbringing of their kids surprised Anna a lot.

Everybody gets bald at Venkateshwara temple, Tirupati

The devotees from all around the world pay visit to Venkateshwara temple, Tirupati in order to sacrifice their hair to the God to get rid of the worldly evils, sins and for seeking the blessings of the God. Anna has also done that, in fact she has clicked herself just after getting bald and she was pretty happy with the result.

Meals are served in big plates and good quantity with variety of items

The standard serving of lunch is known as Thali in India and in some of the restaurants, many dishes are served in Thali. Anna finds it quite interesting that Indians have sweets after lunch and dinner and the tea also has a good amount of sugar and milk in it.

It is unacceptable to be in a relationship before marriage.

Aside from the 4 to 5 large cities like Mumbai and Delhi, in the rest of India, there is no such thing as “boyfriend and girlfriend.” In most cases, a future spouse is chosen by the parents and there should be no romantic history between the 2 people who are chosen. A marriage can also happen at any age.

It is not acceptable for people to talk about their romantic problems. Even if some people do that, they do it as secretly as possible and only with their closest friends who will never betray them.

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