If You Have Ever Felt Ugly and Unattractive, Read This ...

Guys like it all. Yeah, we like the Jenners and the Kardashians, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lopez. Girls like it all too, they like Patrick Dempsey, Nick Jonas, and Michael B. Jordan. However, that is not what this article is about.

Did you know, most men find something attractive about every woman they come across? Never ever feel like you are unattractive because some guy isn’t gawking at you or giving you some life-changing compliment. Yes, there is plenty of media and social scrutiny to make any women feel less than desirable, but there is hope. Here are a few things about women that men find attractive, even when they don’t say so.

1. Your Body

Everybody and every body is different. We men like them big, small, bubbly, skinny, bodacious, medium size, super-size, top heavy, bottom heavy, both heavy, slim, or lanky from top to toe. We like them short, tall, and that’s not all.

We like them thick, boney, grown and sexy, frumpy, pear-shaped, egg-shaped, peanut-shaped, big hips, tidy hips, baby-making hips, and even knocked kneed and with muscular knee caps, believe it or not. We like thigh gaps, thigh fat, gentle rolls, tight tummies, and have a fit over athletic fit!

We like bow legs, long legs, pudgy legs, regular legs, toned legs, shown legs, lightly hairy arms, and the arms you hold us with. We like big butts, small butts, slope butts, bubble butts, dew drop butts, tight looking butts, and even sloppy butts. We even like no butt at all. Sexy is sexy! It is all about the individual woman!

2. Your Face

Face it ladies, every face is different. We men like them angular or fat, wide or narrow, chiseled or lumpy, firm, droopy, mature, dimpled, big forehead, small forehead, a wrinkle or two, and more. We like freckles, a stray mole or two, thin eyebrows, bushy eyebrows, big lips, medium lips, thin lips, even chapped lips have hope with a little Vaseline.

We will even share a tube of Lip Therapy if we like you. We like high cheeks, round cheeks, soft jaws, straight jaws, double chins and dimples on chins. Gap teeth, perfect teeth, un-perfect teeth, and even extra teeth! Beauty goes on and on in many different ways, shapes and wonders.

We like brown eyes, blue eyes, dark eyes, big eyes, stray eyes, hazel eyes, light eyes, almond eyes, dreamy eyes, batting eyes, side eyes, red drinking party eyes, eyes with circles, eyes of all colors, shapes, and races. Every face is unique and attractive in its own special way. There is a little like for everyone!

3. Your Skin

We love the skin you’re in. We like dark skin, light skin, white skin, bronze skin, pale skin, tanned skin, olive skin, yellow toned skin, brown skin, chocolate brown skin, red skin, smooth skin, even skin with a sexy scar on it. We even like that green-skinned alien chick from the 1960s original Star Trek!

She was hot! We like a dab of freckles, freckled covered skin, and skin of every makeup, tone and color you can imagine. Sexy shows up in any skin color.

We can deal with a little acne. We can deal with discoloration. There is something attractive about every woman. Beauty really is skin deep, when it starts from the inside!

4. Your Hair

It’s that thing you do! Curly hair, straight hair, kinky hair, silky hair, morning after sexy hair. Red hair, blonde hair, brunette hair, dark hair, brown hair, grey hair, locked hair, big hair, small hair, no hair, boring hair, even blue and purple hair! Braided hair, up hair, down hair, flowing hair, low cut hair, twisted hair, blowing in the wind hair. Hair you just bought hair, hat covered hair, and bath towel wrapped hair.

We even like rollers-in-the-hair type hair… Ok, that’s if we marry you. You get the idea. It still comes down to you and what makes you unique!

5. Your Personality

This is a laughing matter! We love funny women who are fun to be with. We love smart women, not so smart women, driven women, laid back women, musical women and women who think they can sing.

We like career hungry women and women who like to eat. We like women who care and women that don’t care. We like ride-or-die, and women to die for. We like military women, and fighting homemakers. We like family chicks, and chicks that like to have families. We like women who talk about cool things, and women who talk too much.

We even like shy women who don’t talk at all. We like women who care about the environment and can light up an environment. We like women who command respect at work, and demand it in the bedroom. We like them nice and understanding, but also the ones that need to be understood. We like women who are full of love, even when we men are lying and “full of it.”

Especially because they let us know. We like them political, and how they politic in any situation. We like women who like sports, and who know how to sport a skirt or kicks. We like it when they fight for their rights, and fight for their tights! We like you!

6. What Does It All Mean?

You may have noticed a lot of contradiction. Beauty is all over the place! Basically, what this all means is, men find something sexy about every woman they see or meet.

Each woman is her own beautiful woman. Yes, men can seem shallow sometimes, but you would be shocked how much “attractive” the average guy sees in a woman.

Most women don’t look like the images in the media. Guess what? Most men don’t either. As any women, whoever you are, whatever your makeup or personality, hair or body shape, eye shape, nose shape or nose size… Young, middle-aged and young at heart… Whatever, you are into, wherever you go to, or look to study. I guarantee you, there are several guys studying you! They are out there checking you out!

Just like God made every snowflake and every blade of grass different, unique and one-of-a-kind… so are you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you. You just may catch someone looking at you!

So yes, all kinds of men are attracted to you whether you realize it or not. So, stop doubting yourself. You have a lot of good qualities. Now, if a “quality” man would just get up the balls to ask you out? I know.

Men will blow the entire world up, but won’t say hello lol. Whether they do ask you out or not, believe me, they are looking! They might even be drooling a little bit! Ok, that’s nasty!

Have fun!