How to hide your tummy with what you wear

When it comes to clothing, comfort is key, and that shouldn’t be compromised in the fit, feel or confidence level your wardrobe provides. However, many women find the tummy to be problematic for all three of these areas.

They are often faced with a serious dilemma: They don’t want to wear tops that are too tight, but hiding a stomach under baggy clothes can make you look frumpy.

Your style shouldn’t have to suffer because of your body shape. There are plenty of ways to look and feel good in your clothes by concealing areas you’d rather not draw attention to and playing up your assets. Discover these tips on how to hide your tummy with clothes:

Shapewear to hide your tummy

Shapewear has been a wonderful gift to the fashion world.

It can smooth your body, shape your look and make clothes fit like a glove. If your tummy is a problem area for you, consider wearing high-waisted panties that cinch in your stomach or even a full-body slip for maximum control.

Tops that flow away from the stomach

Airy blouses that drift away from the body are a great option for women who don’t want to draw attention to their tummies.

The flowy fit is not only physically comfortable, but it will effectively hide any bumps or bulges. Consider a top with a long, uneven hemline. This type of shirt will serve the same purpose as a billowing blouse, but it will also draw attention towards the bottom half of your body and away from your tummy.

Leggings to hold you in

The tighter fit of leggings inherently draws attention to the lower half of your body rather than your tummy, and the fit can help to hide your stomach, too.

Select leggings with a slighter wider band at the top. This maximized coverage will hold your stomach in similar to how shapewear would. Additionally, leggings pair well with flowing tunics, which will drift away from your body, just like an airy blouse.

Peplum tops to enhance your shape

Peplum tops fit tighter around the bodice and drift away just above the hips.

The waistline cinches at the smallest part of your body to highlight your assets, and the structured look of these tops deliver a flirty, feminine flare accompanied with a fashion-forward style.

Sweaters to cover up

While you want to avoid the dowdy style of oversized clothes, a trendy fall sweater is still a great option for hiding the tummy area.

To dodge that unflattering baggy look, don’t go up in size. Instead, opt for sweaters that host a wider hemline. The extra flare will hide your tummy, and the sweater will keep you warm during the chillier months of this season.

Clothing accessories to avoid

You may be drawing focus to your stomach area without realizing it with clothing accessories.

For example, don’t try to cover up with a wide belt around your stomach. Though probably intended to hold you in, a statement belt will only put the focus even more on your tummy.

Additionally, opt for purses with longer straps or cross-body bags. The longer length of the straps will elongate your body, making you look tall and lean. Conversely, purses that tuck right under your arm will put the focus right at your stomach.