11 Secret Life Hacks Shared by Chinese Women to Make You Look More like A 25-Year-Old

Chinese women have shared some interesting life hacks that not only make them look younger than their age but more like a 25-year-old. In fact, in China, the standards of being beautiful do not simply imply a pretty looking woman.

According to ancient Chinese culture, appearance is only one of the features of beauty. The body and soul are basically inseparable and hence beauty is also constituted by spiritual harmony, self-sufficiency, and hobbies that matter. Now, even with these ancient traditions, Chinese women who probably are around 40 years of age look more like 20-year-olds.

How do they manage such a feat? Well, here are some of their secrets that help them maintain their younger looking appearance and withstand the test of time:

1. Drinking plenty of water

Chinese women always drink plenty of water and carry it around with them. When you ask them to name one thing that is absolutely necessary for survival, they always tell you “the access to drinking water. Every public place in China is supplied with water dispensers and coolers.

Water, after all, is one thing that everyone should drink because organs like the kidneys are responsible for flushing out toxins from the body and water is one of the best things to help your kidneys do that.

2. Not staying in the sun for too long

In China, the women really stress over their skin’s light tone. While having a white skin complexion was considered a feature of high social status in the past, nowadays sunscreen is certainly considered, to be the best ways to avoid premature aging due to the sun, by Chinese women.

While you need some amount of sunlight to get a good dose of vitamin D, you should avoid too much sun exposure to prevent skin damage.

3. Drinks are replaced with Tea

Tea just happens to be one of the favorite drinks of Chinese women. As per expert recommendations, it’s best to drink oolong tea, red tea with Goji, jasmine or astragalus flower tea, and pu-erh tea, without adding any sugar or milk to the tea.

This will have positive effects on your health and beauty. Certain herbal teas have therapeutic effects for both mental and physical health.

4. Follow a daily schedule

Chinese women are extremely punctual when it comes to their meal and sleep timings, and as such always follow a daily schedule. This method of planning your day is of utmost significance in China.

After they have their lunch, it doesn’t matter if they are at work, Chinese women will make time to take a nap. Students often take an afternoon nap at the library.

5. No high-calorie deserts

Chinese cuisine is very different than what we’re accustomed to, and Chinese desserts are no exception either. Chinese desserts have no sugar at all, and while other countries prefer eating dessert after they finish their main meal, Chinese people usually prefer eating their desserts in the middle of their courses or separately.

Suppose if they are having soup, they will then eat dessert, after which they will eat some salad.

6. Their diet always includes seaweed

Seaweed is an important part of the Chinese people’s diet and the women tend to consume a lot of it. Seaweed has numerous benefits for the body such as absorbing any excess salt in the body, speeding up digestion, and its fiber keeps your hunger satiated for longer making it the best option for those seeking to lose weight.

Furthermore, the vitamins and chlorophyll it supplies to the body helps in keeping the collagen levels high and makes the skin look younger. It even is a good source of protein which helps in preventing premature aging.

7. Stay calm

Their skin stays youthful owing to their lack of facial expressions. As we know, making our facial muscles work more contributes to the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Therefore, instead of using Botox, keeping a calm and thoughtful facial expression is a great way of avoiding wrinkles and appearing younger.

Being calm helps keep negative stress hormones at bay. Stress hormones are the biggest culprits that endanger physical health as well.

8. Use only certain specific makeup products

The face and body care products that Chinese women use always contain natural components that help in prolonging their youth. These products usually contain ginseng, pearl powder, natural oils, seaweed, and medicinal herb extracts.

These natural ingredients give their skin a silky and smooth texture, thereby preserving its youthful glow.

9. Foot acupressure

Foot acupressure is an essential part of Chinese women’s body care routine. Since they pay a lot of attention to their body, they tend to massage the female beauty points called the San Yin Jiao several times in a day.

These are located on the inside of the lower leg and are paired points. Just find the highest point on your ankle and then measure up to 4 finger width up your leg to locate these points.

How to perform the massage

To perform the massage, wrap your arms around your shins making sure that your thumbs are just above these points. Begin massaging them on both legs for 1 minute. Do this at least once daily. You will soon see the difference.

10. Massaging with a jade roller daily

According to old Chinese tradition, a flat jade stone was used for releasing tension from the facial muscles, and a jade roller was used for massaging the acupuncture points.

A jade roller improves the facial blood circulation which helps in slowing down aging. These days, you can buy such a roller online or have it imported from China itself.

11. The woman who is 50 but looks 25

In the picture you can see a famous Chinese actress - Liu Xiaoqing who was born way back in 1955, while in the second pic is a popular Instagram blogger named Liu Yelin who happens to be 50 years old. Surprised? Who wouldn’t be? Most people would mistake them to be around 25.

Following these Chinese tips will definitely get you results, so why don’t you try them out sometime?