Tune into tunics for summer!

If you don’t have any tunic tops, they’re one style you may want to consider adding to your wardrobe this summer.

Tunics are perfectly lightweight and breezy, and they’re versatile enough to transition easily from the office to the beach to a backyard barbecue. Not only that, the tunic is a flattering style that looks good on every body type. Check out our tips and tricks for finding tunics that look great on you, and read on for some different ways you can wear tunics this summer:

Eyelet You Know It Tunic

Pair them with shorts

Because tunics are a longer top and often have sleeves, they look lovely when worn with shorts. Whether you’re wearing knee-length Bermuda-style shorts or a shorter pair, a tunic will help you feel appropriately covered yet comfortable and stylish. Note that because tunics are sometimes a little more voluminous than other blouse styles, you should try to avoid wearing them with skirts.

Abstract High-Low Peplum

Wear them with slim-cut pants

Another great option for your tunics is a pair of slim-cut pants or jeans. Skinny jeans complete a put​-together yet casual tunic ensemble, whereas slim-cut trousers and a tunic will look great at the office. To stay cool and comfy over the summer, go for cropped pants and flats or sandals.

All Dolled Up Tunic


Use fun necklaces and belts to add some excitement to your tunic ensemble! A belt can offer definition to a particularly flowy style, and a long necklace can lengthen your neckline, making you look taller. Or, simply welcome the summer season with a pair of sunglasses or a stylish brimmed hat!

Abstract High-Low Peplum

Opt for a fun print

Tunics often have a flowy, Bohemian vibe, which is why they so often come in fun prints and patterns. Embrace the warm season by choosing tunics with colorful and fun designs! Wear them with classic blue jeans, black or white pants or even a pair of colored capris that complements one of the tunic’s colors.