Hair loss is one of the problems that worries many girls. 7 Tips

There are many reasons for hair loss.

Among the most common: stress, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, hormonal disruption, chronic diseases, medication, aggressive cosmetic products, too often staining or hot styling and other factors.

The degree of hair loss can be different. The selection of special cosmetics and treatments depends on this (the specialist selects). We will reveal beauty secrets that will help to cope and slow down this process.

1. Mask against hair loss

The first remedy you can cook yourself or purchase ready-made. You will need olive, castor or jojoba oil (choose at your discretion). Take one spoon of each and add a couple of drops of vitamins A, E (a liquid format can be bought at a pharmacy). Apply for 30-40 minutes. The “warming effect” strengthens and improves the growth of hair follicles.

2. Change your shampoo

Improper care can cause many problems. One of these is hair loss. Too aggressive components (as part of your product) can affect the hair follicle. What to do? Change your regular shampoo to a sulfate-free shampoo that does not contain hazardous substances.

3. Pick your perfect comb

A comb can exacerbate the problem of hair loss (mechanical damage). Pick a brush with wide teeth, because a head massage accelerates microcirculation and affects the growth of hair follicles.

4. Use a hair loss spray

When buying such a product - pay attention to the composition, because the effectiveness of the product will depend on the components. Among the main ones are: vitamins, zinc, magnesium, natural oils, caffeine and herbal extracts. We made a selection of the most interesting!

5. Ampoules for hair

Ampoules for hair contain a large concentration of active substances that act on the hair follicle (act as serum or face concentrate). They strengthen, enhance microcirculation and restore structure. It is best to take the course in combination with special care (shampoo and growth balm) and head massage.

6. Diversify your diet

Review your diet, because it affects the body. It is worth adding healthy vitamins, fresh vegetables, protein (eggs), nuts (the concentration of fatty acids), seafood, raisins and other products that increase hemoglobin.

7. More positive emotions.

Stress and nervous tension can cause many problems. Add more positive emotions. After all, a smile is the key to a good day!