How to Rent Clothes, Furniture, and More—So You Never Have to Declutter Again

If you recently embarked on a Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering spree, you may still be reeling from the realization that you simply own too much stuff. After spending days or weeks conducting a closet purge and decluttering your kitchen cabinets, you're likely wondering how you can prevent the clutter from building up in the first place.

Vowing to shop less and avoid mail pile-up is a start, but how do we deal with the fact that we still need work clothes, a dress for that upcoming wedding, and some fresh decor for your mother-in-laws next visit?

Recently, more and more startups are addressing our desire for new things, while mitigating the burden of owning them, by offering rental options.

Today, you can rent clothes for a big event, borrow furniture for a few months, and even rent dishware for your next dinner party. Rather than splurge to own these items and deal with storing them afterwards, rental services allow you to borrow and return them, saving you space now and the stress of decluttering down the line.

Ready to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, but without skimping on luxe linens and a gorgeous work wardrobe? Try out the innovative rental services below.

Rent a Work Wardrobe (or Special-Occasion Dresses)

For many of us, the bedroom closet is one of the hardest spots to declutter. Between fast fashion buys that no longer fit and gowns we wore to weddings years ago, it's easy to see how the clutter took over. One solution to the never-ending accumulation is to rent clothes rather than buy them.

You've likely heard of Rent the Runwaythis link opens in a new tab, but did you know that the company doesn't just have formal dresses, but also work wear and everyday outfits, too?

This site is a great place to find a dress for an event or a stylish suit for a big presentation, but you can also use it to bolster your everyday wardrobe.

The unlimited ($159 per month) lets you pick out four items on rotation. When you're done with your first four picks, simply send them back and pick out four more.

Because there is no limit to how many pieces you can borrow in a month, you can use the subscription to supplement a wardrobe of basics.

Yes, you can finally have that minimalist closet you've always dreamed about.

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Rent Jewelry

Staying well-accessorized is an expensive goal—especially if you're buying every piece. A much more affordable alternative: For $29 a month you can borrow one piece at a time, or pay up to $69 a month to borrow three pieces at a time.

Offering stylish necklaces, earrings, and bracelets by Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and more, this rental service will make everyone think you have a jewelry box full of designer bling.

Rent Your Dishware

If you're hosting a holiday, a baby shower, or a large dinner party, renting place settings for all of your guests may be more practical than buying brand-new dishes and linens.

Based in San Francisco, Table + Teaspoonthis is a rental service that provides a table runner, plates, napkins, flatware, wine glasses, and everything else you need to host your own celebration.

When the party's over, you pack up and return the dirty dishes and linens, no dishwashing necessary. Not only will you get to skip out on post-party cleanup, but you won't have to find a spot to store the large collection of dishware.

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Rent Your Furniture

As more millennials are choosing to rent rather than buy homes, furniture rental services are popping up in major cities.

On Featherthis, those in the New York City and San Francisco Bay areas can rent individual pieces of furniture or entire furniture sets for a small monthly fee. For example, you can borrow this sleek West Elm sofathis link opens in a new tab for $52 a month, or opt for a complete living room packagethis link opens in a new tab (with sofa, lamp, and coffee table) for $84 a month.

Ideal for subletters or those who only plan to be in a city for a few months, furniture rental could spare the expense and effort of buying furniture, storing it, and selling it.

Plus, if you're debating between a couple West Elm sofa options, you can test them out before committing to a purchase. Furniture rental services could help you make the best purchasing decision so you don't wind up with furniture you don't actually want.

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Rent Wall Art

Buying a piece of art can be a scary decision. Will I really want to live with it? Will it work with my decor? Will it fit on the wall? To help answer all of these questions, the U.K.-based company Rise Artthis offers art rentals. Then, if you decide to keep a piece, the rental will earn you credits towards the purchase. This careful and informed shopping method means you'll never end up owning art you don't love