Back to childhood: trendy hairstyles with hairpins

For a long time, hairpins were considered a children's accessory. Adults used them mainly in order to remove the bangs and strands.

Now everything is different. Designers have proven that girly hairstyles look great on adult women. And here is the proof.

Hairpins can not only fix hair, but also become a great addition to the summer look.

By color, they can be combined with any element of your wardrobe. These clips with a leopard or marble print will be a bold and bright accent of a monochrome beige look.

"Invisible" hairpins also ceased to perform the function of hairpins, which must be invisible in the hair. Now bloggers create original ornaments on their heads with their help.

With the help of one large hair clip, you can make a romantic "Malvinka" or remove the regrown tail back.

Popular today - the style of boho. It includes elements of several directions at once: hippies, ethnic safaris and military men. Folklore motifs in clothes and accessories create an airy, natural and very feminine image.

You can decorate your hair with small hair clips in the shape of butterflies, asterisks of various natural elements.

And this is an idea for the most courageous - to put a row of bright hairpins along the parting. For the everyday image of this hairstyle is unlikely to fit. But for a thematic photo shoot completely!

"Crabs" for those who miss 90th.

Hairpins are loved by many stars. Kendall Jenner prefers the classic black and white combination, and Bella Hadid for Oriental ways..

Such a massive accessory will definitely stand out from the crowd! You can choose both hairpins-names of brands, and just words and phrases.

It will not go out of style ... These accessories with imitation pearls are ideal for a little black dress... new style of old Hollywood.

Do you like hairpins? Would you like to wear one of the above?

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