"I unsubscribed from the girls, looking at whom I was not alone": as a woman dropped 50 kg and fell in love with hanging skin

Many of us know well how it is not easy to accept our physical disabilities. We want to tell the story of Sarah Nicole Landry, who hated her body before and after losing weight, and now the whole world declares her love for her stretch marks and cellulite.

How many we have heard these fabulous stories about how she lost weight and lived happily ever after. In fact, everything is much more complicated. Yes, excess weight is not the best friend of a woman, and the desire to get rid of him is absolutely natural.

However, the problem of non-acceptance of oneself will not go away with hateful kilograms.

Sarah Nicole Landry, 34, from Ontario, knows this firsthand. Sarah Nicole early became a mother: at 21, she had a daughter, Maya. Two years later, Gemma was born, and two years later, the son of Boden.

Her life was not easy: she soon divorced her husband, which led to the need to work two jobs to support three children.

Against the background of stress, Sarah Nicole stopped following nutrition: her worries, as usual, stuck - and not at all diet products. At some point, Sarah Nicole felt addicted to her favorite junk food.

The weight kept growing and growing, until one day the frightening figure showed up on the scales - 102 kg.

Everything became worse.

The girl admitted that at that time she could not look at herself in the mirror - she did not like the reflection so much. At some point, three times my mother decided to pull herself together. Sarah Nicole did not reinvent the wheel and went on the only right way to lose weight: she began to adhere to proper nutrition and went in for sports.

As a result, in two years she managed to lose as much as 51 kilograms! However, this story is not about losing weight and not about a happy weight loss. After all, the most interesting was ahead.

Sarah Nicole did not feel satisfied at all after she finally achieved her goal. On the contrary, depression has only worsened. Landry didn’t like her new look at all: stretch marks, hanging skin folds on her stomach, cellulite. “I felt so much hatred and disgust for my body,” she wrote in her microblog.

The long-awaited things of size S did not bring happiness, and Sarah Nicole even began to miss those extra pounds and the times when she was full, but with smooth skin. Landry's path to himself is not one of those who hide his head in the sand.

She did not intend to put up with this not the most pleasant state and went to a risky step: she began to post photos of her body with all its flaws in social networks. Without Photoshop ... And what do you think? Instead of a ton of negativity and the usual anonymous trolling, Sarah Nicole received an incredible response from subscribers, who were delighted by her courage.

She began to write other girls with similar problems, and Landry finally stopped feeling lonely. However, the secret of regained self-confidence is not only in the approval of followers.

[b]"I unsubscribed from the girls, looking at which I was not on my own, and began to monitor more positive, in my opinion, accounts,"
- said Sarah Nicole. Well, to us personally, such advice also seems effective. Landry generally tries to talk less about calories, clothing sizes and weight loss methods. What was, then passed.

But thanks to her publicity, her fear and aversion to her appearance disappeared. Replaced by love and acceptance. She again gained a few pounds, but even this no longer prevented her from feeling beautiful and happy. Rejecting stereotypes and pushing perfectionism to hell, Sarah Nicole began to treat her shortcomings with respect.